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Inflator Max

Inflator Max

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Small, compact and completely wireless, Inflator MAX is a completely wireless Air Pump that is not only perfect for emergencies, but also for everyday life. 

With our newly updated design, bigger battery, (like big enough to pump up 10 tires), and ALL METAL body and motor, Inflator MAX will not disappoint.

It comes with various nozzles, including a tire attachment that screws into the top of the device and directly into your tire. When you plug it in, your current PSI will appear on the LCD screen. Use the adjustment buttons (+/-) to set your desired PSI. Once set, you hit start and Inflator MAX will immediately drive air into your tire. When the set pressure is reached, Inflator MAX automatically shuts off. 

Crafted with a built-in LED flashlight and power bank, Inflator MAX keeps you prepared for any emergency and your day-to-day tasks. 

And don't forget, Inflator MAX is capable of pumping up to 150 PSI so you don't have to worry about "will it pump up my..." the answer will always be YES! 

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-All Metal Body and Motor

-7800 mAh Lithium Battery

-Type C charging interface

-Built in power bank

-Built in LED flash light

-2.5 inch LCD display

-Quick charge enabled (0-80% in 30 minutes or less)
-Flexible, one piece screw on air tube

All Day Battery

Not only have we listed to our customers, we have gone a step further, we have build in a HUGE 7800 mAh battery into Inflator MAX. This means you will get up to an hour or constant usage! Thats equal to pumping up 65 low tires!

Built in Power Bank

As Inflator MAX has such a huge battery, we decided to go one step further and build in a USB port for charging all your wireless devices!

What can it be used for?

Inflator MAX can pump up anything that holds air in 3 simple steps!

1. Hook up Inflator MAX to your tire.
2. Set your desired PSI
3. HIt start! It will pump up your tire and stop when its at the correct PSI!

-Car tires

-Truck tires

-Bike tires

-ATV/SBS tires

-Basket ball/soccer



All our products are shipped out of Salt Lake City, UT, and normally arrive in 2-5 business days


CE (Conformite Europeenne) - Compliant with EU's health, safety and environmental requirements

ROHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances)

WEEE - Compliant with EU's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations

CNAS (China's National Accreditation Service)

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Don't get caught without Inflator MAX!

Did you know that 1 in 5 americans experience a low or flat tire every year? How many times have you gone from gas station to gas station to find an air compressor to pump up your tires? THEN when you finally find one they charge you $2 for 3 minutes of air!

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