Why you NEED a Dash Cam in 2022!

Why you NEED a Dash Cam in 2022!

A Dash Cam is a 21st-century must for your vehicle. Whether you're stressed about outrageous insurance rates or frightened by the cost of repairs, Organically Driven's Dash Cam is always recording. Think of it as your car's security blanket, it keeps you both protected, while adding a layer of comfort! 

If want footage for an insurance claim or hope to record a viral clip, this Dash Cam is for you.

What makes this Dash Cam special?

  • Automatic loop recording
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) ensuring clear footage
  • 170° wide angle
  • Parking monitor
  • Night vision
  • 1080 resolution, FULL HD
  • G-Sensor, protecting crash footage
  • 4-inch IPS LCD display

    Watch WCPO's story on why people are saying they won't drive without one now! 

    But is it easy to install?

    Yes, absolutely! Our Dash Cam only has 3 components. The camera, the charging cord, and the mount. Simply, plug your Dash Cam into your cigarette lighter, stick it onto your window, insert your SD card, and hit record! 

    It's really that easy! 

    What included in the package: 

    -12v Charging Cable 

    -Window Mount

    -Instruction Manual 

    -1080p Full HD Dash Cam

    (This is only the front facing camera and the SD card is sold separately)

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